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My name is Ananya Panda, I am a multimedia artist & designer working at the intersection of tradition and technology, exploring their role in my craft/design process. Honing my authorship as a result of cultivating research as a habit, is fundamental to my practice. My work operates in the realm of connotation, harnessing the medium of the symbolic to distill values into vision; illuminating connections and relationships coded in visually balanced aesthetics.

I craft branded digital experiences from concept to finished prototype. The aim of my work is to highlight perspectives marginalised in and by design. Therefore, I prioritise inclusion, accessibility and usability throughout my process. Please consider this an invitation to explore the online space where a selection of my projects live and reach out to collaborate via email

✨Milestones Unlocked💫

July 14th '23
May '23
April 28th '22
February  '22
Sustainably self-employed w/international client base
October 17th '21
Oct 16-24th '21
Exhibited my work at Dutch Design Week
Sep '20 - Feb '21
August '21
Interviewed and profiled by Metropolis M for the annual end exam issue
July 9th '21
Graduated as MFA Situated Design from the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, AKV St Joost
Designer at Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (Caradt)
I had the opportunity to design, source and layout the contents of the web and pdf editions of online publication Making & Breaking 2
Jun - Aug '20
Interned as Brand Designer at Capgemini
Updated email signature iconography to match the brand’s visual language, designed banners, newsletters and presentations to support the Marketing and HR departments’ needs.
January '19
Started freelance career with clients spanning industries from real estate to recycling
July - Dec '18
Graphic Designer at Trell
Delivered Illustrations and Branding assets in-house and for clients